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Here's how to get in touch with me:
My preference is communication by email as I am often working in the Studio.  Please feel free to contact me at my email address below.
To get me to start working on a song for you, see the Price List, make a 10% deposit and please fill out the form below.  Be as specific or as general as you would like.  You will have final approval of the Rough Draft of the lyrics and song prior to your final payment.
Telephone: 1-514-875-6006
Fax: 1-514-938-2186

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Name of significant other:
How you met:
His or her hair, eye color:
What you love most about him/her:
Activities you enjoy sharing the most:
Future expectations:
Favorite quote, verse or scripture:
Additional comments:
Your interest (see Price List):

Response time is usually 48 hours.  Thanks for your patience.
If you have already paid the 10% and have approved the Rough Draft, click below to pay the balance.

Thank-you for visiting Original Love Songs!

Some instruments used to create your gift song.

Perfection Source Studios

A Division of RuveneCo Entertainment

559 - 334 Cornelia Street

Plattsburgh, NY   12901

Phone: 514-875-6006



Music, Lyrics and Website (c) 2005 RuveneCo Entertainment.  All Rights Reserved.  Reproduction or sale without permission is illegal.


This is what you get: a custom song or custom songs for weddings and engagements including romantic love songs with original words and custom lyrics for the one you love.  Valentine's day, Mother's Day, a wedding or any special romantic moment could be the time for personalized gift songs from a 48 track studio with unpublished songs.

If your speakers are on, you can hear the passion in my voice and the lyrics that I write.  My personal goal is clear: to understand what you want and to give you a touching multi-instrument recording of your custom song with lyrics based on information that you provide.  Truly, love songs and personalized gift songs for the one you love.

Feel free to inquire about rates for custom music videos professionally edited (Final Cut Pro) based on your personal home videos and using your custom song for the soundtrack.  A custom music video is as personalized and original as a gift can be!

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